E-learning system of teaching english language

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Ramiz Salama
Krell Chiparausha
Faysal Bsatar


The use of E-learning platforms for education in recent times has been on the rise. The purpose of this work is to provide an overview of the web application. This paper provides an overview of a web-based application as a result of the project titled “22nd Century English”. This is a web platform that arranges schedules and scheduled video conferences between students and lecturers. A lot of teachers especially English Teachers have extra time with which they can teach but without commitment, because of their commitment to their Teaching Institution. With the opportunity to handle freelance lessons through the developed application, teachers have the ability to earn extra income while helping other students outside their schools.  This platform also helps students to learn English remotely without wasting time with traveling or intense commitment.


Keywords: E-learning; English teaching; learn press; LMS.



Keywords: LMS, learn press, e-learning, English teaching, efficiency of English learning;



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Salama, R., Chiparausha , K. ., & Bsatar , F. . (2022). E-learning system of teaching english language. Global Journal of Information Technology: Emerging Technologies, 12(1), 34–42. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjit.v12i1.7108