Evidence Based Care for Couples with Fertility Problems

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Filiz Degirmenci
Duygu Vefikuluçay Yılmaz
Asiye Uzel


Fertility refers to the occurance and continuation of pregnancy in a period less than one year and the birth of a living baby. Couples may experience fertility problems in the period they want to have children. In this negative experience, nurses, who are the most co-existing health professionals with couples, have a significant role. Evidence-based practice is to show how to give the best care to the patient with the results of researches which conducted carefully and honestly, and yielded clear and accurate decisions. In this respect, nurses should work on the basis of evidence for meeting the education and counseling needs of couples with fertility problems. In this review article, evidence-based education, counseling and evaluation requirements of couples with fertility problems were reviewed in accordance with current guidelines. In addition, comments were made on how to inform nurses about evidence-based care in couples with fertility problems and how they should play a role in the care process.

Keywords: Fertility problems; evidence based care; nursing.


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Degirmenci, F., Yılmaz, D., & Uzel, A. (2019). Evidence Based Care for Couples with Fertility Problems. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Health Sciences, 3(1), 22-28. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijeths.v3i1.4095