Overcoming obstacles and reaping benefits: a study on the journey of aspiring educators in Ghana's teacher training institutions

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Kow Arkhurst
Isaac Mensah


In the context of Ghana's evolving educational landscape, teacher training institutions are pivotal yet understudied crucibles for educational innovation and national development. This seminal study aims to elucidate the challenges and rewards experienced by teacher trainees, thereby addressing a significant gap in the existing literature. Leveraging qualitative methodologies, including in-depth interviews and thematic analysis, the research casts new light on the intricate dynamics of pedagogical strategies, curriculum alignment, socio-cultural influencers, and institutional hurdles. A major conclusion is the strong correlation between trainees' well-being and the efficacy of training programs, emphasizing the need for holistic educational policies. Furthermore, the study offers a groundbreaking comparative analysis between Ghanaian training institutions and international best practices, identifying actionable areas for improvement. This research is a substantial contribution to the field, offering not just descriptive accounts but strategic insights that could redefine teacher training in Ghana.

Keywords: Educators; education; teacher training; pedagogical challenges.


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Arkhurst, K., Mensah, I. ., & EKU-HYIA, P. F. (2023). Overcoming obstacles and reaping benefits: a study on the journey of aspiring educators in Ghana’s teacher training institutions. International Journal of New Trends in Social Sciences, 7(2), 49–65. https://doi.org/10.18844/ijss.v7i2.8943