Interesting textual tasks as creative tools

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Valentina Gogovska


This study aims to promote the use of interesting textual tasks during everyday mathematics classes, especially during solving exercises. Consequently, this should contribute to the possibility for students to obtain long-lasting knowledge while stimulating the process of creative thinking and understanding. Further to encourage students to investigate mathematical concepts on a deeper, more creative level, we use rich and interesting problems that can be explored on a variety of levels. This process should be well planned, though-out and specified. Well-chosen tasks and discussion can not only improve and empower the process of individualisation and differentiation during doing mathematics but also stimulate the process of creative thinking and motivate students in their current learning. These interesting tasks can be solved in a variety of ways and students should be given a chance to explain their reasoning to each other. One interesting task can be used as a springboard for several others.

Keywords: Teaching legal translation, ESP, ESL, error analysis.


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Gogovska, V. (2018). Interesting textual tasks as creative tools. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(1), 156–161. (Original work published May 8, 2018)