New trends in marketing mix strategies for digital consumer behaviour

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Raluca Giorgiana Chivu
Ivona Stoica
Mihai-Cristian Orzan
Andra-Victoria Radu


The marketing mix is the first step in establishing a lasting relationship between the company’s offer and the final consumer. From the product to the price meeting the needs and allows the consumer to buy, the placement and the promotion have received increasing importance. Also, when we think of an online environment where the consumer can be found, smartphones—consumer mobile journey, online TV advertising on Netflix and YouTube a.s.o. This paper aims to identify the element of the marketing mix with the highest impact on the final consumer buying decisions. For this, we have conducted a quantitative research on a sample of 100 respondents. The results show that the elements of the marketing mix passed through major changes because of the digital revolution and the unavoidable appearance of many situational factors that led to a significant variation of the consumer behaviours and changing the consumers’ mindset and their personal system of values.
Keywords: Digital marketing mix, consumer behaviour, quantitative research


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Chivu, R. G., Stoica, I., Orzan, M.-C., & Radu, A.-V. (2018). New trends in marketing mix strategies for digital consumer behaviour. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(2), 89–95. (Original work published September 11, 2018)