Knowledge transfer requirements for the management of social enterprises and organisations

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Zbigniew Zontek
Christopher Whitworth


The authors have extensively researched motivation and situated learning in social organisations and enterprises via qualitative processes. This was an original work in an under-researched area. The use of open interpretative phenomenological analysis allowed an in-depth study of over 30 individual’s motivations and processes. Their findings clearly demonstrate the role of, and need for, knowledge acquisition, restructuring and transfer into new and evolving NGO’s and similar not-for-profit ventures. Study of 10 very different organisations in two European countries revealed common mechanisms for gaining and utilising knowledge in new ways and for new applications. All were Communities of Practice (CoPs) with a well-defined purpose and rationale. Almost all those interviewed reported utilising their knowledge from earlier experiences, in new ways, and situations. This need for internal and external knowledge transfer was stressed by almost all participants, and how they solved it in their CoP forms a key outcome of the research.
Keywords: Management, social enterprise, knowledge transfer.


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Zontek, Z., & Whitworth, C. (2018). Knowledge transfer requirements for the management of social enterprises and organisations. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(2), 102–112. (Original work published September 12, 2018)