Reasons for non-critical thinking: The multilevel model approach

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Gyongyi Fabian


In current literature, one is offered a number of ways of discussing critical thinking, and furthermore, authors follow different tracks grounded in a variety of disciplines (philosophical, psychological and educational) to approach the concept. The only consensus within this topic seems to be the claim that there is no consensus concerning the definition and the construct of critical thinking. I propose that the critical thinking is a complex concept, which simultaneously involves components at three levels, at the level of the culture, the individual and the language. I call the resulting framework a multilevel model (MLM) of the critical thinking concept. The paper argues that the study of critical thinking and non-critical thinking instances within the framework of the MLM allows us a better understanding of the phenomena internationally, and in addition, that no one level can be singled out as the only appropriate level of analysis of critical thinking instances.


Keywords: Critical thinking, language, emotion, context, social environment, culture.


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Fabian, G. (2018). Reasons for non-critical thinking: The multilevel model approach. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(3), 77–83.