Student questions as significant potential for student learning

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Marie Pavelkova


The purpose of this study is to discuss the student question as significant potential for supporting student learning. Student questions were investigated using the direct observation method during mathematics lessons. The research sample consisted of six mathematics lessons. The results demonstrate that if a student asks questions about the information he requires to resolve a learning assignment actively in the context of tuition, he also comes up with ideas on how to proceed in the context of resolving the learning assignment. We created a student question typology which points out how students might involve in their learning process by asking questions and thereby better understanding what they know and what is new to them from the lesson content. We consider creation of this typology to be the pilot part of actual research of student questions at the beginning of school attendance.


Keywords: Student questions, students learning, typology.


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Pavelkova, M. (2018). Student questions as significant potential for student learning. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 5(3), 89–100.