Managing ICT solutions for training and evaluation of C++ programming skills in e-learning ecosystem

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Ramona Markoska


А set of functional upgrades to the existing e-learning ecosystem for the C++ programming language, which provides a solution where students can use their own computers during training and practical exams, is presented in this article. The ICT solutions applied in this case offer a supervised and protected the online environment, where each student has their own working account. The rights and privileges for accessing and using various software services are customised according to the educational tasks (training or exam). Depending on the purpose, the described software solutions are realised as web services for education and training and network services for collection and evaluation of the students’ solutions during the practical exam. During the training, web services are used, and each account has its own folder, in which the solutions are stored, and if necessary, those can be opened, modified, tested and shared for collaboration or evaluation in an integrated C++ compiler. During practical exams, network services installed on Raspberry Pi are used, and for security reasons, there is no online access. Ready student solutions according to defined test cases are placed on the server. The principle of evaluation consists in comparing the solutions of each student separately with the pre-designed solutions set in the system for the same test cases. The e-learning ecosystem is developed and upgraded by managing various ICT open source solutions described in this work.

Keywords: E-learning ecosystem, C++ programming, Raspberry Pi.


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Markoska, R. (2019). Managing ICT solutions for training and evaluation of C++ programming skills in e-learning ecosystem. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 6(7), 33-41.