Pedagogical practices based on areas of knowledge: Reflections on the technology use

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Monica Cristina Garbin
Edison Trombeta de Oliveira
Nadia Rubio Pirillo
Simone Telles


The appropriation of technologies in education must consider the specificities of each knowledge field and propose the demand for its pedagogical use. In distance learning (DL), which relies on the use of technologies, the reflection on the use of this resource becomes fundamental. Processes, methodologies and materials are usually standardised due to time and production costs. It is necessary to identify an intermediate point in this standardisation that takes into account the specificities of the knowledge fields. This study aims to discuss the pedagogical practices in DL considered appropriate to the knowledge fields, in the appropriate combination of contents, technologies and pedagogical practices. The methodology adopted is qualitative, using survey as a data collection tool. In conclusion, this article indicates that there are, actually, more effective teaching practices for each knowledge field. There are still recommendations in order to study deeply the real learning in each teaching practice.

Keywords: Higher education, distance learning, pedagogical practices, education technology, TPACK.


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Garbin, M., Trombeta de Oliveira, E., Pirillo, N., & Telles, S. (2020). Pedagogical practices based on areas of knowledge: Reflections on the technology use. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(1), 134-141.