The cultural improvement theory and the social sciences’ intellectual crisis

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Felipe Oyarzo


The concept of culture continues to be studied from many different approaches and fields. This investigation focuses on answering the following two research questions: (1) Can cultures be improved? and (2) Should cultures be improved? Interviews were conducted with families, high school and college students and with professional adults. The cultural improvement theory is offered as a more objective method to analyse reality than the ideas suggested by the oppression theory. Most participants were not able to identify the importance of culture for a society or its possible connections to social well-being, economic development or the thinking processes of the brain. The interviews conducted with four families and the historical cases analysed in this project suggested that culture can be improved in order to facilitate social well-being and economic development.


Keywords: Culture, well-being, mentality, brain, oppression.


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Oyarzo, F. (2020). The cultural improvement theory and the social sciences’ intellectual crisis. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 01–12.