Published: 2020-12-01

Evaluation of inclusive measures against educational dropout

Marta Medina Garcia, Luis Dona Toledo, Maria Lina Higueras Rodriguez


Solid Work simulation as a virtual laboratory concept for supporting student learning of mechanical engineering

Adivhaho Frene Netshimbupfe, Mohame Almojtba Hamid Ali Abdalla, Binnur Demir Erdem, Youssef Kassem, Huseyin Camur


Enhance creativity and creative self-efficacy. An action research with Italian children

Rossella Falanga, Elisabetta Sagone, Maria Elvira De Caroli, Maria Rosa Maugeri


The influence of the sex of the teaching staff on the perception of inclusion

Marta Medina Garcia, Maria Lina Higueras-Rodriguez


Implementation of dance therapy in 13–14 year old students in order to reduce stress and anxiety

Florina Emilia Grosu, Vari Hanna Imola, Mihaiu Costinel, Grosu Vlad Teodor, Moisa Turcu Antonel Adrian


The role of massive open online courses during the COVID-19 era

Challenges and perspective

Aayat Amin Aljarrah, Mustafa Abdel-Karim Ababneh, Nadire Cavus


Examining the role of virtual reality and augmented reality technologies in education

Bekim Fetaji, Majlinda Fetaji, Ozcan Asilkan, Mirlinda Ebibi


Enhancing undergraduate engineering education quality through using computer-aided design software

Emmanuel Chiwuzie, Mohammad Abdel Fattah A. R. Haboush, Kassem Youssef, Huseyin Camur


An integrated approach to assessing students’ emotional stability under the COVID-19 pandemic

Arshava Inna, Eleonora Nosenko, Kostiantyn Kutovyy, Inna Arshava


Teachers’ perception of educational challenges in the face of the COVID 19

Carmen Gloria Burgos Videla, Eloy Lopez Meneses, Javiera Martinez Diaz


Front end of innovation

Generating new ideas

Alexander Velez, Jose Maria Barrutia, Carmen Echebarria


Digital transformation of preparation of the future

Specialists in the economic industry in conditions of dual professional education

Nataliia Bakhmat, Vladyslava Liubarets, Maryna Bilynska, Nataliia Ridei, Spitsyna Anhelina