Roadmap of shifting to online education during COVID-19 Case of Albania

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Ozcan Asilkan
Elton Domnori


After the widespread of the corona virus disease 2019 corona virus pandemic, most educational institutions stopped conventional in-class teaching all over the world. The Metropolitan University of Tirana (UMT) in Albania took a rapid decision for shifting to online education by estimating that the pandemic might continue longer than expected, which could create difficulties to gain the time lost. Considering these circumstances, UMT immediately formed a specialised team to prepare the roadmap for starting online education. This team evaluated the existing online platforms and prepared a guideline to be followed for a smooth shift. As a consequence, the university shifted to online education with more than 80% of the students’ attendance from the earliest days. This study presents the road map that was developed rapidly and applied effectively for a quick but smooth shift to online education.


Keywords: Education, shift to online education, coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic, Albania.


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Asilkan, O., & Domnori, E. (2020). Roadmap of shifting to online education during COVID-19: Case of Albania. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 192–197.