Digital transformation of preparation of the future Specialists in the economic industry in conditions of dual professional education

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Nataliia Bakhmat
Vladyslava Liubarets
Maryna Bilynska
Nataliia Ridei
Spitsyna Anhelina


The article is devoted to the current problem of today, which has acquired special significance in the context of building an information society. It is shown that Ukraine recognises the value of progress in the digitalisation of economic transformations. Creating a digital infrastructure of the economic sector requires the formation of future professionals’ digital competence in the educational space. Perspectives of digital technology are defined as the search of content according to interests; meeting the individual needs of pace and the level of professional growth requirements for the modern specialist; the constant modernisation of the style and forms of economic culture; and the connection of economic and educational spheres. It is concluded that Ukraine has all the conditions for transformation processes of digitalisation of economic professional education, which will bring the economy to a high technological level of development. Digital dual vocational education, with one of the most important factors of economic growth and formation of a new competent and competitive professional in the economic sector, is defined. The subjects of digital interaction in the conditions of dual professional education of future specialists of the economic branch are identified and characterised. Further research considering the expediency of educational and economic clusters of professional training of future experts of the economic branch is also defined.


Keywords: Transformational reformations, digitalisation, dual professional education, digital competence, future economic specialist, business, HEI.


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Bakhmat, N., Liubarets, V. ., Bilynska, M. ., Ridei, N. ., & Anhelina, S. . (2020). Digital transformation of preparation of the future: Specialists in the economic industry in conditions of dual professional education. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 242–251. (Original work published December 1, 2020)