The influence of the sex of the teaching staff on the perception of inclusion

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Marta Medina Garcia
Maria Lina Higueras-Rodriguez


The greatest challenge facing education systems today is ensuring educational inclusion. This means treating all students in terms of fairness and justice. The research problem that we ask ourselves is the following: Are there differences in the perception of inclusion according to the sex of the teaching staff? The sample comprises 133 teachers from the Spanish field of secondary and primary education. The methodology used is bivariate analysis through independent sample tests and association using chi-square. The results show that sex is not a decisive variable when determining the degree of inclusion. However, there are some significant differences in relation to diversity strategies and information on inclusion, mainly. Women have a higher degree of inclusion. Therefore, educational centres and inclusion policies must achieve greater awareness in the case of the male sex.


Keywords: Education, inclusion, sex, teachers.


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Garcia, M. M., & Higueras-Rodriguez, M. L. (2020). The influence of the sex of the teaching staff on the perception of inclusion. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 104–111.