Investigation of achievement and mistakes in analytical chemistry experiments

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Fatma Alkan


This research was conducted to investigate the effect of experiential learning on the achievements of prospective teachers in analytical chemistry quantitative analysis practices and to determine the mistakes made by prospective teachers in the experiments. Pre-test and post-test control group experimental research design was used. Data were collected by the analytical chemistry achievement test and laboratory form. As a result of the research, a significant increase was observed in prospective teachers’ levels of academic achievement. This finding can be explained as the experiential learning classroom environment, which will construct a community of practice like the scientists’ work. According to the results of the laboratory form, prospective teachers are more successful in multiple choice questions in the achievement test; however, they cannot show the same success in explaining the theoretical foundations of the experiment or detailing the calculation sections.


Keywords: Experiential learning, analytical chemistry laboratory, achievement, mistakes in experiments.


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Alkan, F. (2020). Investigation of achievement and mistakes in analytical chemistry experiments. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 45–52.