An evaluation of school directors’ organisational creativity and managerial effectiveness

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Timucin Ozkan
Aytaç Tokel


Technology is gradually becoming a crucial factor in reaching educational targets. A person undertaking managerial responsibilities should possess managerial efficiency characteristics and exhibit them as well. The critical thinking process exists in all affective and intellectual activities as well as in every study and effort. Creativity is assumed to be a process at the end of which an original product is created. It also includes flexibility, multi-sided thinking, sensitivity, interest in human beings and rationalism. This study was carried out to evaluate secondary school directors’ views about their organisational creativity and managerial efficiencies. The aim of this research is to investigate school directors’ efficiencies in organisational creativity and management through the specified sub-problems and determine the connection between managerial efficiency and organisational creativity. The research was carried out through the qualitative method, which is based on an interdisciplinary holistic view in interpreting the research question. The facts and events are interpreted in terms of people’s understanding. Semi-structured interview questions were used to increase the reliability of the study. Face-to-face interviews were conducted with 18 secondary school directors and assistant directors in a qualitative method. The data were recorded on the computer and then analysed through content analysis, one of the qualitative research techniques. The main aim of content analysis is to reach concepts and connections to help the explanation of the data. Questions written in advance were subjected to content analysis so as to open a way to redo the study. The findings in this research revealed that the directors who supported common decision-making and collaboration exhibited sufficient managerial efficiency. Physical and infrastructure shortages in secondary education cause inequality in education. The most crucial factors in achieving school targets need to be constantly trained in technological, humanitarian and conceptual dimension skills of management science before and after undertaking their positions.


Keywords: School director, organisational creativity, managerial efficiency.


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Ozkan, T., & Tokel, A. (2020). An evaluation of school directors’ organisational creativity and managerial effectiveness. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 20–26.