Comparative analysis of key indicators of the education system of Kazakhstan

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Svetlana Gurban
Viktor Zeibel


The article looks at the key indicators of the education system of Kazakhstan, the dynamics and effectiveness. Some key indicators presented includes integral indexes of efficiency: social and economic context of Kazakhstani education; accessibility and equality. The purpose of this work is to provide objective information about the current educational system of the Republic of Kazakhstan as a multifunctional high society state. The methodology used for the theoretical basis of the study was general theoretical research of domestic and foreign scientists - K. Rogers, A. H. Maslow, J. Karayeva, M. Jadrina. Analysis of scientific and theoretical literature, world and international conventions (UNESCO, UN), national reports on the Republic of Kazakhstan; scientific and experimental analytical data were some processes the paper adopted. According to the results from this research paper confirms the notorious fact that the importance of the interrelated nature of all components – program content, teaching methods and evaluation mechanisms - has frequently been raised.

Keywords: key indicators, education system, Kazakhstan, evaluation, comparative analysis, modernization


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Gurban, S. ., & Zeibel, V. . (2021). Comparative analysis of key indicators of the education system of Kazakhstan. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 8(3), 179–194.