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Vol. 14 No. 2 (2022): March

Published: 2022-03-31

Views of primary school teachers on value acquisition in virtual museums

Baikulova Aigerim Meirkhanovna, Saule B. Begaliyeva, Assylbek Makhabbat, Yelubayeva Rakhat, Zhanatayev Kazakbay Abdualievich, Kerimbayeva Rysty Kaldyhanovna


Future biology teachers’ opinions on technological pedagogical content knowledge

Assem Nogerbek, Sergey Sumatokhin, Assiya Maimatayeva, Gulnar Ziyayeva, Dzhumadil Childibayev


Problems of distance education in Kazakhstan during the COVID-19 pandemic

Ainur Seilkhan, Zhanna Abdrassulova, Meirgul Erkaebaeva, Raushan Soltan, Murat Makhambetov, Alibek Ydyrys


Effects of smartphone utilization on junior high school students’ mathematics performance

Emerson Peteros, John V. de Vera, Cristy G. Laguna, Viotelino Christian B. Lapatha IV, Irene O. Mamites, Jeffrey C. Astillero


The technology of criterion assessment of students' knowledge in geography lessons

Sagyngali Kalkashev, Ussenov Nurbol, Bakhadurkhan Abdimanapov, Kulyash Kaimuldinova, Aliya Ayapbekova, Margulan Nurhanov


Digital citizenship in education and its implication

Reylan Capuno, Roberto Suson, Decem Suladay, Vivian Arnaiz, Imelda Villarin, Emelyn Jungoy


Technologization of the pedagogical process in preschool educational institutions

Rakhila Zh Aubakirova, Roza Karpykovna Bekmagambetova, Gulbarshyn Belgibayeva, Oxana G. Belenko, Kostyunina Alyona Anatolyevna, Mishchenko Ekaterina Vitalevna, Nurgu Sultanova


Impact of university E-Learning environment on value orientations of students

Shabden Meruyert, Bulatbaeva Aigul, Doshybekov Aidyn, Shalabayeva Laura , Kozhabergenova Gaukhar Esenbaevna


Mobile learning uses in vocational high school: A bibliometric analysis

Madziatul Churiyah, Sholikhan Sholikhan, Filianti Filianti


Formation of speech activity of primary school students in foreign language teaching through technology integration

Kalibek Ybyraimzhanov, Kuat Baimyrzayev, Ainur Taurbekova, Yespolova Gulden, Aiym Tynyskhanova


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