Evaluation of pre-service teachers' views on their ability to use instructional technologies

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Dinara Ramazanova
Aigulden Togaibayeva
Aliya Suguraliyeva
Botagoz Zhubatyrova
Gulmira Biissova
Bukhaeva Anar


In recent times, educational technologies have gained grounds in many fields of study. The use of technology to facilitate learning has increased over the past decade, but related problems in education and training are still on the surge. The aim of this study is to determine the opinions of prospective teachers about the skill levels of using and preparing the internet, computer and instructional technology according to different variables. The study was applied to the senior students studying at the classroom teaching department of a university of education faculty in Kazakhstan. Optional participation was provided.The 32 teacher-participants were asked 4 interview questions. Data were taken with a qualitative research method. The prepared questions were prepared to get the opinions of pre-service teachers studying in the classroom teaching department regarding the use of technology in educational technology, and the questions were applied by giving the final shape by the experts in their fields. The elementary school teacher candidates feel insufficient to use the internet and computer for teaching purposes. However, they stated that they are sufficient in using computers and internet search engines, they can prepare simple materials for teaching purposes and they cannot prepare multi-purpose teaching devices.


Keywords: teacher candidate, technology, educational technology;



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Ramazanova , D., Togaibayeva, A., Suguraliyeva, A. ., Zhubatyrova, B. ., Biissova, G., & Anar, B. (2021). Evaluation of pre-service teachers’ views on their ability to use instructional technologies. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 13(3), 428–436. https://doi.org/10.18844/wjet.v13i3.5951