Technologization of the pedagogical process in preschool educational institutions

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Rakhila Zh Aubakirova
Roza Karpykovna Bekmagambetova
Gulbarshyn Belgibayeva
Oxana G. Belenko
Kostyunina Alyona Anatolyevna
Mishchenko Ekaterina Vitalevna
Nurgu Sultanova


This article deals with the problem of preschool education. The research aims to theoretically substantiate, develop and test the author's Concept and the corresponding educational and methodological support for the technological development of the pedagogical process, as a means of increasing the effectiveness of preschool children in the context of solving the state's strategic tasks in the field of pre-school education. The study collected data through an experiment and a survey. At the various stages of the study, about 700 preschool teachers, 450 students and undergraduates, and 1500 preschool children took part in the experimental and pedagogical work. The scientific novelty consists of theoretical substantiation, development, and testing by the experimental and experimental way of the author's Concept and appropriate educational and methodological support of the technological process of the pedagogical process. The obtained results of the research will improve the pedagogical process in the pre-school educational institution.

Keywords: Pedagogical process; pre-school preparation; technological development; visual activity.


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Aubakirova, R. Z., Bekmagambetova, R. K., Belgibayeva, G., Belenko, O. G., Anatolyevna, K. A., Vitalevna, M. E., & Sultanova, N. . (2022). Technologization of the pedagogical process in preschool educational institutions. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 14(2), 438–455.