The role of school and family cooperation in inclusive education

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Akhmetova Elmira
Almetov Negmatzhan


Every year the number of children with disabilities and special needs increases in the world. The relevance of this topic is determined by the issue of inclusive education, which has become increasingly important in recent years. The purpose of the article is to theoretically substantiate the problem of inclusive education, to contribute to solving this problem through the interaction of school and family. The study analyzed a series of surveys of parents, and observed children with disabilities, using methods such as analysis, synthesis, generalization, diagnosis, and various practical work revealed comparative data. As a result of the experimental work, the levels of inclusion of children with disabilities in society, the level of knowledge, skills, and psychophysical development were identified, effective work in this area was determined, and comparative data were obtained. The materials of the article can be useful for school teachers, and educators in working with children with disabilities.

Keywords: Collective work; Education;  family interaction; health.



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Elmira, A., & Negmatzhan, A. (2022). The role of school and family cooperation in inclusive education. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 14(2), 498–506.