Mobile learning uses in vocational high school: A bibliometric analysis

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Madziatul Churiyah
Sholikhan Sholikhan
Filianti Filianti


Mobile learning enables organizations to meet the educational demands of digital native learners in the digital era. Education at the vocational high school level also makes use of it, as this level of education has unique characteristics in terms of the type of learning that occurs, notably the emphasis of practice-based learning. There has not been a study on the usage of mobile learning at the vocational high school level that has used the bibliometric method to provide a baseline for future research. The objective of this paper is to conduct a thorough bibliometric analysis of the literature on mobile learning in vocational high schools. Articles were obtained from the Scopus database, as many as 121 articles were studied in this study, out of 132 articles discovered between 2015 - 2020. After managing the database, the researcher used VOSviewer software to classify and visualize co-authorship, co-accuracy, and citation. Overall, the information presented in this review can be used as a starting point for future research on the topic of m - learning in educational process of vocational high school.


Keywords: bibliometric analysis, mobile learning, mobile learning application, E-learning, vocational high school


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Churiyah, M., Sholikhan, S., & Filianti, F. (2022). Mobile learning uses in vocational high school: A bibliometric analysis. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 14(2), 484–497.