Teachers’ knowledge about teaching mathematics to learning disabilities students

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Roslinda Rosli
Aze Fauziah Suib


Teaching students with LD requires an arduous effort from special education (SE) teachers. Mathematics may seem to be a difficult subject,however, students with learning disabilities (LD) face more challenges in learning the subject. Even though teachers’ knowledge has been widely studied, there is few research focusing on SE teachers who teach mathematics specifically. This systematic literature review attempts to critically present what kind of knowledge that SE teachers need to teach mathematics effectively. Nineteen papers were selected from Scopus as the leading database and few supporting databases such as Sage and Science Direct. This study identified subject matter knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge as the core expertise for SE teachers with knowledge about students with LD characteristics as the supporting knowledge. This study’s contribution is the identification of these teachers’ knowledge generally and mathematically to create a specific teaching model for learning disabilities students.


Keywords: learning disabilities; mathematics ; special education teachers; teachers’ knowledge


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Rosli, R., & Suib, A. F. (2020). Teachers’ knowledge about teaching mathematics to learning disabilities students. International Journal of Special Education and Information Technologies, 6(1), 37–47. https://doi.org/10.18844/jeset.v6i1.5416