The relationship between academic stress and core life skills among students with special needs

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Oluwatoyin Racheal Ogunwale
Oladimeji Oyeyemi Omolayo
Fatai Kafaya Olawumi
Funmi Dorcas Ojo


Academic stress is a mental distress concerning some anticipated frustration associated with academic failure or unawareness of the possibility of such failure. Core life skills are the ability of students with special needs to adapt and have positive behavior that will enable them to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. This paper therefore examines academic stress among students with special needs about core life skills. Three research questions guided this study. Two instruments were used for data collection. The study adopted a descriptive research design of correlation type. The sample comprised 200 students with special needs. Data were analyzed using Pearson product-moment correlation and multiple regression analysis. Results indicate that core cognitive life skills had a significant correlation with academic stress, frustration, financial changes, pressures, and self-expectation. This indicates that all of these independent measures had a significant relationship with the dependent variables (core cognitive) skills. The second research question revealed that there was a significant joint effect between the independent variables to the dependent variables. The third research question showed that all independent variables are potential predictors of core cognitive life skills.

Keywords: Academic stress; core life skills; special needs



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Ogunwale, O. R. ., Omolayo, O. O., Olawumi, F. K., & Ojo, F. D. (2023). The relationship between academic stress and core life skills among students with special needs. International Journal of Special Education and Information Technologies, 9(1), 19–26.