Adaptation of traditional children's games to social studies course STEM course design for teachers

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Seval Orak
Adem Çilek
Ferah Güçlü Yilmaz


One of the greatest goals of the 21st century is the acquisition of high-level skills through the STEM course designs to provide skill-assisted transformation in learning processes. The purpose of this research; The aim of this course is to examine the views of teachers about STEM course designs supported by traditional Turkish games adapted to primary school social studies course. Each teacher who participated in the research was able to videotape all his practices and fill out the observation forms. Through the obtained data, it was shared with the teachers whether the achievements of the course were realized or not. After these practices, the opinions of the teachers towards the research were obtained through a semi-structured interview form. Descriptive analysis technique was applied on the collected data. According to the findings obtained at the end of the study, it was stated by the participants that their students developed a significant sense in cognitive, affective and psychomotor aspects.


Keywords: Design, Senior Skill, 2023 Vision Document, Traditional Games, Game Based Learning;



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Orak, S., Çilek, A., & Yilmaz, F. G. (2020). Adaptation of traditional children’s games to social studies course: STEM course design for teachers. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(6), 1422–1438.