Development of teacher-parent communication competence scale (TPCCS)

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Zehra Ozcinar


The purpose of this study was to develop teacher-parent communication competence scale in order to measure the communication competences utilized by teachers while communicating with the parents of their students.  In the development phase of the scale, an item pool was generated and draft form was designed which were later subjected to expert opinion for content and face validity. The finalized scale was administered to 196 teachers teaching fourth and fifth grade students, and explanatory factor analysis was performed. As a result of these procedures, 4 factors including 33 items in total were generated in the “teacher-parent communication competence scale”. Apart from these, the reliability coefficients (Cronbach’s α) of all scales and their sub-dimensions, factor-based differentiation operations, matter-remaining and matter-total correlations were calculated. After all these validity and reliability processes, it was concluded that the scale is valid in determining teacher - parent communication competences.    


Keywords: Primary School, Teacher, Parent, Communication Competence, Scale Development


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Ozcinar, Z. (2020). Development of teacher-parent communication competence scale (TPCCS). Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(2), 349-357.