Fulfilment of personal potential by high school graduates in time of career choice

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Evgenya S. Romanova
Ludmila I. Bershedova
Svetlana N. Tolstikova
Elina N. Rychikhina
Tatiana Yu Morozova


The paper presents results of the desktop analysis on the current status of the problem of the personal potential in terms of psychology. It provides the author's understanding of the term as the formation consistent and structured in its psychological aspect. This is the analysis of the characteristics that the career choice has and the difficulties that the graduates face in this process. We believe that substantial resources for the independent and responsible career choice are inherent in the personal potential. According to the research methods, the structure of the personal potential includes intra and interpsychological characteristics. Internal factors relate to the non-acceptance of the choice situation, the lack of skills that are necessary for subjective construction of its process. They also come from hesitation, lack of confidence, poor self-concept, internal conflicts, low community commitment, etc. In most cases, the powerful influence of relevant adults is an external obstacle. The data obtained justify a need in psychological and education counseling to develop the personal potential of graduates. In this regard, one of the main tasks is to provide graduates with competent and comprehensive support to overcome difficulties in the process of making the career choice and personal potential development.        

Keywords: personal potential, career choice, person’s social resources, individual opportunities, commitment of graduates, self-control resources;


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Romanova, E. S., Bershedova, L. I., Tolstikova, S. N., Rychikhina, E. N., & Morozova, T. Y. (2020). Fulfilment of personal potential by high school graduates in time of career choice. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(3), 423–432. https://doi.org/10.18844/cjes.v15i3.4908