Students’ technological awareness at the College of Education, Qatar University

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Manal Hendawi
Mohammad Rajab Nosair


"Technology at the level of university education has become an important basis for designing educational curricula, and it is considered one of the most essential elements of teaching in our time, especially creative teaching based on employing critical thinking skills and problem-solving method. The use of technological applications and their use in managing the educational process and organizing it within institutions Is considered one of the most critical foundations of quality standards. Still, instead, it is a component of the quality of the educational process. This study seeks to confirm the extent of the technological awareness of students at the College of Education at Qatar University before going on to training in the field by adopting a descriptive method to measure the students' technological awareness levels. The study was applied to all students of the College of Education at Qatar University distributed on eight specializations. The number of students in the college for the academic year 2020/2020, in which the questionnaire was, applied 2063, 17.9  %responded to the study instrument, equivalent to 371 students. The results of the study showed that the general level of both the emotional and cognitive fields of technological awareness is high, and the level of awareness of the skill field was average. The results revealed that there are no differences in all dimensions of Technology about sex, specialization, or nationality. While the study found technological awareness increases with the number of years of study and the level of academic performance. A set of recommendations was proposed in light of the study results, Such as the College of Education holding workshops and seminars specializing in Technology, adding a course in educational technology for students in the secondary education program in particular, and providing courses in Technology first-year students.

Keywords: Technology; teaching; learning; awareness; Qatari students


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Hendawi, M., & Nosair, M. (2020). Students’ technological awareness at the College of Education, Qatar University. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 15(4), 749 - 765.