Instrument performance self-efficacy perceptions of Music education students

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Mehmet Can Ciftcibasi


The aim of this research was to identify the instrument performance self-efficacy status of students in the music education department. The study group for the research comprised 121 students attending Mehmet Akif Ersoy University Faculty of Education, Department of Music Education. In order to identify the self-efficacy perceptions of students in the research, the “Self-Efficacy Scale Related to Instrument Performance” developed by Şeker (2016) was used. The model had a chi-square value 283.52, with 148 degrees of freedom. Investigation of the reliability of the scale found that the Cronbach alpha coefficient for the whole scale was .90 with correlation coefficient r= .88, p<0.01. When the instrument performance self-efficacy of students in the music education department was investigated, it was seen that male students have higher self-efficacy perception than female students. Additionally, students who had graduated from fine art high schools were surmised to have higher self-efficacy for instrument performance compared to those who had graduated from other high schools.


Keywords: Instrument performance; music education; self-efficacy.


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Ciftcibasi , M. C. (2021). Instrument performance self-efficacy perceptions of Music education students. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(3), 1204–1216.