University students' evaluation of E-assessment in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Abed Alkarim Ayyoub
Oqab Jabali


Educational institutions strive to achieve their purposes mainly assessing students’ performance and abilities; they might use traditional types of assessment or they may be forced to apply electronic assessment in certain situations such as those dictated by the current spread of COVID-19 Pandemic. The current study aims at providing insights into the ways and levels of university students' evaluation of the electronic assessment during the global health crisis whether this evaluation is affected by certain demographic variables or not. A 29-item online questionnaire was developed and conducted by the researchers to survey a large sample of university population. A large number of the students (n=582) responded to the survey.  The study results show that the level of students’ evaluation of e-assessment is moderate. The researchers also find that an interaction between gender and faculty may influence students’ evaluation positively and negatively. The implications of the study suggest that educational institutions should consider all types of assessment mainly e-assessment to keep pace with all advancements and evade unexpected circumstances like pandemics.


Keywords: assessment; Corona Pandemic; e-assessment; e-learning; evaluation; learning; teaching


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Ayyoub , A. A. ., & Jabali , O. . (2021). University students’ evaluation of E-assessment in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(4), 1434–1449.