University students’ perceptions on e-Learning: Cross-study in Portugal and Italy

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Susana Moreira Bastos
Manuel Moreira Silva
Valeria Caggiano


The COVID-19 pandemic imposed dramatic changes on educational practices worldwide. This study aims to evaluate the distance learning experience of students during the COVID-19 pandemic by comparing results obtained in two countries: Italy and Portugal. A cross-sectional survey was used to analyse a survey questionnaire focused on two domains: digital skills and motivation to engage in distance learning. The results from Italian and Portuguese students indicated that majority showed a positive attitude towards online learning and the digital hybrid pedagogy. The recent e-learning experience created complex challenges and a variety of opportunities at the same time. Students and university staffs’ need for training was highly associated with motivation, engagement and connection with colleagues rather than with the infrastructures offered or the development of computer literacy.

Keywords: COVID-19; digital skills; students' perceptions; students’ motivation.


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Moreira Bastos, S., Moreira Silva, M., & Caggiano, V. . (2021). University students’ perceptions on e-Learning: Cross-study in Portugal and Italy. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(5), 2324–2335.

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