Psychological states of professional anxiety and job perceptions of university students

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Oryngaliyeva Sholpan Oralgaliyevna
Yermentayeva Ardakh Rizabekovna
Iskakova Marzhan Orazgaliyevna
Kadirsizova Shynar Bolatbekovna
Karipbayeva Shynar Toktarovna
Akimenko Natalya Konstantinovna


One of the areas that have an important place in the professional competence of students studying at universities is their psychological competence. Professional concerns are also included in the fields of psychological competence. It is important for students to be ready in every field to ensure their professional competence. For this purpose, in this study, it was aimed to determine the opinions of the students studying at the university on the level of professional skills. In this context, 85 students studying at the university in the 2020–2021 academic year were interviewed and their opinions on their sectoral expectations and professional uncertainties in their professional lives were taken. Before the research, official permission from the relevant institution and verbal participation approval from the students were obtained. In order to reach the research finding, four semi-structured interview questions were asked by the researcher by taking expert opinions. The results of the research were explained in detail with the content analysis method. As a result of the findings obtained from the research, it was revealed that their anxiety about the department was high, they were undecided about choosing the right department and the education they received was insufficient.


Keywords: Education, profession, psychological, psychological competence, student, anxiety, university;


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Oralgaliyevna, O. S. ., Rizabekovna, Y. A., Orazgaliyevna, I. M., Bolatbekovna, K. S., Toktarovna, K. S., & Konstantinovna, A. N. (2022). Psychological states of professional anxiety and job perceptions of university students. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 17(5), 1791–1798.

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