On the relationship between cognitive ability and field of study

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Mostafa H Deldoost
Parviz Mohammadzadeh
Akram Akbari
Mohammad Taghi Saeedi


The present study was conducted to investigate the existence of any possible relationship between the cognitive reflection test (CRT), numeracy and academic majors. The statistical population of this study consisted of 117 freshmen studying under the faculties selected from the University of Tabriz. The generalised structural equation modelling technique was employed for data analysis. The research results indicated that CRT and numeracy had positive and significant effects on high school and university program selection. According to the research model and the higher CRT scores of engineering and medicine (two popular majors) than that of other majors, it appears that individuals with higher CRT and numeracy scores are more inclined to get accepted into these programs. Moreover, the relationship between CRT and numeracy was positive and significant, where CRT acted as the cause and numeracy as the effect. However, the reverse need not necessarily be true.

Keywords: Cognitive reflection, numeracy skill, academic majors, relationship.


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Deldoost, M. H., Mohammadzadeh, P., Akbari, A., & Saeedi, M. T. (2019). On the relationship between cognitive ability and field of study. Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues, 9(1), 1–7. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjpr.v9i1.3928