Curiosity and subjective well-being: The mediation of the big five personality traits

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Beatrice Balgiu


This study aims to investigate the influence of curiosity on subjective well-being (SWB). More specifically, we examine the mediating role that the Big Five personality traits play in the relationships between these two variables. To this purpose, we used questionnaires in order to measure curiosity (Curiosity and Exploration Inventory-II), SWB (Satisfaction with Life Scale and Scale of Positive and Negative Experiences) and the Big Five personality factors (Big Five Inventory-10) in a case of a sample of 330 undergraduates (Mean age = 18.93). The analysis carried out is based on correlations, regressions and structural equation modelling. The model obtained using structural equation modelling revealed a significant relationship between curiosity and SWB via personality characteristics (χ²/df =1.74; comparative fit index = 0.95; root mean square error of approximation = 0.051; standardised root mean square residual = 0.032). Therefore, curiosity correlates significantly with SWB, but individuals characterised by a high degree of curiosity tend to have well-developed well-being since they tend to be extroverted, perseverant and emotionally stable. Future studies should also focus on other types of personality traits.


Keywords: Arterial Five personality traits, curiosity, mediation, subjective well-being.


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Balgiu, B. (2020). Curiosity and subjective well-being: The mediation of the big five personality traits. Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues, 10(1), 59–67.