Study of the focus of achievement motivation in mental pathology

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Olga Besenovna Tapalova
Nadezhda Zhiyenbayeva
Aida Kamysbayeva


The phenomenon of achievement motivation is very important in psychology, as research explains the driving forces of human behavior and activity. That is why interest in studying the achievement motivation is constantly growing. The authors of this article believe that the content structure of the achievement motivation in humans has two components – adaptive and transcendental. The purpose of this article is to present an experimental study of the meaningful characteristics of achievement motivation in persons with mental pathology. The research method is projective methodology - Hekhauzen test and author's modification of this test for persons with mental pathology, Freiburg multifactorial personality questionnaire, Diagnostics of self-actualization of personality SAMOAL. The obtained results of the study of achievement motivation in persons with mental pathology show that respondents of this category have changes in the motivational-value-semantic sphere, changes are shown in extreme manifestation of one of the tendencies (adaptation or transcendence), or extremely weak representation of both trends.

Keywords:  achievement, neurotic disorders, affective disorders, adaptation, transcendence, Hekhauzen test.


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Tapalova, O. B., Zhiyenbayeva, N., & Kamysbayeva, A. (2021). Study of the focus of achievement motivation in mental pathology. Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues, 11(2), 58–69.