We are all in it together! Effects of Covid-19 on Interpersonal Relationships

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Dana Alonzo
Marciana Popescu
Pinar Zubaroglu-Ioannides


Research during the Covid-19 pandemic established significant negative mental health consequences for individuals across the globe. However, the impact of the pandemic on interpersonal functioning has yet to be established. Additionally, little research has examined the impact on interpersonal functioning across the types of relationships. This study addresses this gap and explores the quality of family functioning, parent-child relationships, and partner/spouse relationships, one-year post-lifting of lockdown restrictions. Telephone interviews were administered to 100 individuals examining health and mental health functioning; sociodemographic characteristics, household composition, quality and nature of family functioning, parent-child, and partner/spouse relationships.  Those who experienced a family member contracting covid-19 reported significant impairment in family functioning, while those experiencing increased levels of stress reported significant impairment, particularly related to parent-child and partner/spouse relationships. Findings also indicate that women experience greater impairment in the partner/spouse relationship than men.

Keywords: Covid-19; interpersonal functioning; mental health; pandemic.


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Alonzo, D., Popescu, M., & Zubaroglu-Ioannides, P. (2023). We are all in it together! Effects of Covid-19 on Interpersonal Relationships. Global Journal of Psychology Research: New Trends and Issues, 13(1), 63–77. https://doi.org/10.18844/gjpr.v13i1.7931