New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences is a multi-dimensional journal which covers all aspects of scientific and technical disciplines including pure and applied sciences, health, environmental and material sciences, applied natural sciences including physics, chemistry and biology, application of scientific inventions for medical purposes, advances in technology, computer science and communication technology. This journal serves as a platform that fosters new applications for all scientists engaged in research and development in these fast growing fields in an international arena.

Title Changes

The former name of AWER Procedia Advances in Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2301-2706) has been changed to Global Journal on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences (ISSN 2421-8049) on 8 September 2015. Then, name of Global Journal on Advances in Pure & Applied Sciences on has been currently changed to New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Advances in Pure and Applied Sciences (ISSN: 2547-880X) since 23 November 2016. These changes were made with the approval of International ISSN Center ( 

Basic Rules

1) The Contac author must be one of the article authors. Other than the authors, no one else can submit the article. It is immediately rejected.

2) Make sure that issues about publication ethics, copyright, authorship, figure formats, data, and references format have been appropriately considered.

3) Ensure that all authors have approved the content of the submitted manuscript. Once a manuscript has been submitted, no author changes, additions or reductions can be made. In that case, the manuscript will be rejected at any stage.

4) An author can publish a maximum of two articles per year.

5) Manuscripts submitted to PROPAAS Journal should neither been published before nor be under consideration for publication in another journal or conference.

6) An article can have a maximum of six (6) authors.

Index Copernicus


The PROPAAS has passed the evaluation process positively and is indexed in the ICI Journals Master List database for 2020.

Vol. 2022 No. 1 (2022): Selected paper of 6th International Congress of Nursing (ICON-2022)

Published: 2022-12-30

Impact of colleague solidarity on job satisfaction in nurses

Öznur Yıldız, Tugba Kavalali Erdogan, Dilek Kiymaz, Zeliha Koç


The levels and factors affecting nurses' work alienation

Yusuf Karabulut, Esra Danacı, Zeliha Koç


Factors related to nurses’ attitudes toward the principles of dying with dignity

Sevde Külcüömeroğlu, Tuğçe Çamlıca, Zeliha Koç


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