Innovation of CNC machining education at the Faculty of Technology

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Peter Koleda


The paper describes the ongoing educational project, which is focused on increasing the quality of teaching and making the study more attractive by introducing new selective courses: CNC technology in bachelor study programs and programming of CNC technology in engineering study programs at the Faculty of Technology of the Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia. The solution of the project is also to create a background for building a CNC machining workplace. Teaching programming takes place in professional CNC emulators that are commonly used in praxis. These emulators allow program debugging, tests, trajectory drawing and optimising and collision checking of tool and workpiece. Altogether 23 students successfully completed the introduced course. Within the project solution, five theses were defended.

Keywords: CNC programming, CNC simulators, teaching, innovation, workplace building.


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Koleda, P. (2020). Innovation of CNC machining education at the Faculty of Technology. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(1), 84–91.