Distance learning system, learning programming languages by using mobile applications

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Ramiz Salama
Huseyin Uzunboylu
Bashar Alkaddah


E-learning involves the use of a computer or electronic device (e.g., a mobile phone) in some way to provide training, educational or learning material. E-learning can involve a greater variety of equipment than online training or education, for as the name implies, ‘online’ involves using the Internet or an Intranet. CD-ROM and DVD can be used to provide learning materials. Distance education provided the base for e-learning’s development. E-learning can be ‘on demand’. It overcomes timing, attendance and travel difficulties. Today, colleges and university students find themselves with obligations beyond that of getting a degree. Jobs and family commitments make equal demands on their time. Having the option of taking online classes and studying on their own time is critically important. At the same time, many state institutions are unable to accommodate all those who want to take classes on campus, escalating the demand for online learning. The aim of this project is the development of learning management system for all purpose and all courses. You can be as a teacher and upload your course materials to all students in our e-learning system, you can write an article to all students and teachers also. With our e-learning system you are online every time, you can get messages from all students and teacher, without e-mail, just by your username in our system. If you are a student, our e-learning system will be your school. You can study any course that is available. You can make a discussion with another student and your teacher by using comments, you can compile your code and share the result with others by social media links. You can upload any file like quizzes answers and share the link in comment with other students. This system provides you with knowledge about our e-learning system and which tools that we used. The online courses may be unfamiliar to many students and teachers;threfore,this system may be help you to try a new teaching technology with learning management system.In this e-system, we have mentioned about Teacher and student features, these features will make you more attractive to go on and create your courses and start teaching your student, or to join other teacher classes and start learning, this e-system will help you to understand how we make the e-learning system by messages or comments, also how you can compile your code with built-in online compiler. Finally, lifelong learning must now be a part of everyone’s career plans. In today’s job market, taking online courses help workers remain competitive and they don’t need to take time off from their jobs to do this. Therefore, our e-learning system provide all facilities to taking online course and be in your community to learn without boring.


Keywords: Online learning, digital ocean, android studio, Paiza. IO, mobile app.


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Salama, R., Uzunboylu, H., & Alkaddah, B. (2020). Distance learning system, learning programming languages by using mobile applications. New Trends and Issues Proceedings on Humanities and Social Sciences, 7(3), 23-47. https://doi.org/10.18844/prosoc.v7i2.5015