Learning skills for enhancing the use of Big Data

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Jolanta Sabaitytė
Vida Davidavičienė
Roberta Karpovičiūtė


For a competitive organisation, it is important to invest in employee’s education to keep their knowledge up to date and ensure continuous growth in terms of employees’ competence and skills. Continuous learning is considered as one of the success factors for the organisation, since this ensures constant growth of employees’ competence that results in productiveness and effectiveness in its product development. Nowadays, more and more organisations are investing in performance analytics, Big Data analytics, artificial intelligence and process automation that are strongly related. However, such initiatives and projects can fail due to the lack of skills and competence of employees, which is strongly related to certain learning barriers. Therefore, the objective of the article is to create a conceptual framework for the elimination of learning-related barriers. The methods employed in this research are scientific literature analysis, synthesis and logical analysis of information, comparison of information, systemisation and visualisation. The conceptual framework illustrates the learning process for learning-related barriers elimination and suggests learning solutions: e-learning, mentoring, in house sessions, generic courses and external training solutions such as conferences and seminars.

Keywords: Teaching concept, learning big data, big data management, big data teaching, electronic learning




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Sabaitytė, J., Davidavičienė, V., & Karpovičiūtė, R. (2020). Learning skills for enhancing the use of Big Data. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 12(1), 23-36. https://doi.org/10.18844/wjet.v12i1.4438