The effect of Mentimeter and Kahoot applications on university students’ e-learning

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Bayram Gokbulut


In the digital age, where technology is developing rapidly, there is a need for technology and game-based e-learning environments that students appreciate instead of traditional instruction. Interactive Web 2.0 tools can be utilised to develop e-learning environments. In this study, Kahoot and Mentimeter applications, interactive and game-based Web 2.0 tools, were used. The effect of Kahoot and Mentimeter applications on e-learning was investigated. This study was carried out at a state university in the Western Black Sea Region. It was carried out with prospective teachers studying in the Department of Primary School Education. This experimental study was conducted with 29 prospective teachers in the experimental group and 27 in the control group. Attitude Scale Against e-Learning was applied to prospective teachers before and after the application. Traditional methods were applied to the control group. Kahoot’s evaluation feature and the word cloud feature of the Mentimeter program were used in the experimental group.

Keywords: e-Learning, Mentimeter, Kahoot, teaching, teaching technology.


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Gokbulut, B. (2020). The effect of Mentimeter and Kahoot applications on university students’ e-learning. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 12(2), 107-116.