Evaluation of MoblrN m-learning system: Participants’ attitudes and opinions

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Nadire Cavus


The advance of pervasive technologies such as mobile technologies and various mobile devices has brought opportunities for educators to design and perform interactive learning activities and has also enabled educationalists to access the virtual learning environment anytime and anywhere without restrictions of time or place and without too much additional effort. The m-learning system, MobLrN, has been developed by the researcher. Different from the m-learning systems developed by other researchers, the MobLrN m-learning system contains all teaching/learning components for m-learning, such as access control, user profile, learning materials, assignments, self-tests, quizzes, performance measurement, announcements, and report generation. Thus, instead of using different systems for different activities, the instructors can use the developed mobile system for all of their teaching activities. The main porpuse of the study was to identify whether the developed m-learning system is acceptable or not as a mobile learning environment. Data were collected through a questionnaire. Descriptive statistical analysis technique and the percentage method were used. The obtained results confirm that the MobLrN m-learning system was deemed to be useful for instructors and students for the future. The system is oriented to anyone who may have an interest in mobile technologies, and all higher education institutes.

Keywords: m-learning system; m-learning environment; m-learning; evaluation; distance learning





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Cavus, N. (2020). Evaluation of MoblrN m-learning system: Participants’ attitudes and opinions. World Journal on Educational Technology: Current Issues, 12(3), 150-164. https://doi.org/10.18844/wjet.v12i3.4978