An overview of postgraduate thesis on mainstreaming education in Turkey

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Miyase Akcay
Tugce Karabag
Basak Baglama
Yucehan Yucesoy


The aim of this research is to examine postgraduate thesis on mainstreaming education carried out in Turkey based on various variables. A total number of 200 postgraduate theses on mainstreaming education was obtained from Higher Education Council of Turkey. Data of the research were examined based on content analysis criteria including year of publication, supervisor title, thesis level, university, institute, department, gender of thesis writer, research method, participants, data collection tool, data analysis method, location of the research conducted, research subject and results. Data of the research were analysed with SPSS 20 program. Research showed that thesis was conducted between 1997 and 2018. According to the results, the majority number of thesis was carried out in 2017, the quantitative method was mostly preferred research method in thesis, master thesis was mostly preferred, scales were mostly used data collection tools and statistical methods were mostly used as data analysis methods. In line with the results of the research, recommendations for further research and practices were presented.

Keywords: Mainstreaming education, special education, postgraduate thesis, content analysis.



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Akcay, M., Karabag, T., Baglama, B., & Yucesoy, Y. (2019). An overview of postgraduate thesis on mainstreaming education in Turkey. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 14(4), 641-651.