Student attitude to distance education: Pros and cons

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Lyudmila P. Illarionova
Natalya V. Karzhanova
Alfia M. Ishmuradova
Sergey V. Nazarenko
Andrey V. Korzhuev
Elena L. Ryazanova


This article is aimed at identifying the peculiarities of students' attitude to distance education. As a leading method, the questionnaire method was used, which made it possible to identify the students’ positive and negative attitudes regarding distance learning more effectively. The article considers students' ideas about distance learning, identifies the positive and negative aspects of the distance learning process. The authors of the article in the process of research revealed that many students of various fields of study are interested in participating in distance courses, but within the framework of mastering a second education. Some students note the usefulness of distance courses, the use of their materials at any time, and the convenience of going back to the materials they have completed at any time to fill in gaps or recall a topic. Some students reported a violation of the educational process in the distance format due to the repeated lack of Internet or its poor quality. Most of the students expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of contact communication in the distance learning process. It is proved that the majority of students believe that distance education will never replace traditional education. Mainly students of technical areas of study gave a negative assessment of the distance education system. It was revealed that students of various fields of study took distance courses that were held in other cities or countries. From the point of view of many students, educational websites have an inconvenient interface.


 Keywords: distance education, distance courses, students, learning process, pros and cons.


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Illarionova , L. P., Karzhanova , N. V. ., Ishmuradova , A. M. ., Nazarenko , S. V. ., Korzhuev , A. V. ., & Ryazanova , E. L. . (2021). Student attitude to distance education: Pros and cons . Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(3), 1319–1327.

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