Forming cognitive activity in primary school students with samples of folk oral literature

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Uaidullakyzy Elmira
Nurlybek Omarov
Sarash Konyrbayeva
Mariya Jazdykbayeva
Elmira Orazbayeva
Guldariga Tautaeva
Aigul Eskaraeva


The goal of every nation is to raise a healthy and conscious generation that will continue their life and experience. Therefore, in this article, the aim was to comment on the concepts of samples of folk oral literature and analyze the problem of forming the cognitive activity of Primary School students. In this regard, the research work was carried out in primary classes of multidisciplinary Secondary School No. 156 in Almaty (Kazakhstan). The participants were primary school teachers and primary school students who participated in a pedagogical experiment. The results were analyzed using percentages.  As a result, it was concluded that tasks prepared using samples of oral folk art and effective and modern methods of its use in the classroom allow us to form the cognitive activity of Primary School students. This, in turn, contributes to the comprehensive development of students as a person.

Key words: samples of oral folk art, cognition, cognitive activity, Primary School students.




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Elmira, U., Omarov, N. ., Konyrbayeva, S. ., Jazdykbayeva, M., Orazbayeva, E. ., Tautaeva, G. ., & Eskaraeva, A. . (2021). Forming cognitive activity in primary school students with samples of folk oral literature. Cypriot Journal of Educational Sciences, 16(5), 2844–2857.
Author Biographies

Nurlybek Omarov, Department of Kazakh language and literature, Mukhtar Auezov South Kazakhstan University, Shymkent city, Kazakhstan



Sarash Konyrbayeva, Al Farabi Kazakh National University, Al-Farabi Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan



Mariya Jazdykbayeva, H.A.Yassawe International Kazakh-Turkish University, B.Sattarkhanov Turkestan, Kazakhstan



Guldariga Tautaeva, South Kazakhstan state pedagogical university, Shymkent city, Republic of Kazakhstan



Aigul Eskaraeva, Bolashak University, Kyzylorda region, Kyzylorda city, Left bank of the Syrdarya river, Kazakhstan