Requirements of students for further integration on labor market

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A. Băneș
M.D. Orboi
R. Lile
I. Merce


The theme of this work is a study on the conduct and topics of IT&C courses and laboratories in terms of those who listen, namely the students. As described in the paper, teacher-student working mode differs from university education to pre-university education. Therefore, it should be permanently reviewed, modified and enlarged the presentation method and the contents of disciplines. The study looked primarily how students would like to proceed a course or laboratory work. For this reason the questionnaire was anonymous and it was specified not to give details about the teachers, but only of the content and presentation. The students were selected from those who have attended the majority or even all hours and each had to express their views about the taught content subject, how to teach and how they would like to show those hours. After completion of the answers, each questionnaire was sent to a colleague, who expressed his opinion about the written and passed it on to another colleague. In this way, each came to express their opinion about each. The results showed clearly that essential change, or rather the requirement of all is geared to practical part of the discipline. The theoretical part is often regarded as a "necessary evil" because, often, to master the practice, we still need theoretical concepts. Also the offer of materials in electronic format (directly or through electronic platform) is welcomed as an aid for those who have other activities and may not participate to all exposures.


Keywords: students requirements, practical studies, labor market integration


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BăneÈ™, A., Orboi, M., Lile, R., & Merce, I. (2015). Requirements of students for further integration on labor market. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 7(2), 50–55.