Skill acquisition in blended learning courses: influence on student performance

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Mercedes Rozano
Jaime Romero


E-learning platforms are a powerful tool that provides substantial improvements in the academic performance and constitute an important support for the acquisition of skills. The purpose of this paper is to explore whether the usage of online resources in blended learning courses influences their performance. The data comes from a Business Administration course (256 students). We use regression analyses to explain how Moodle platform usage influences academic performance in terms of both types of skills (theoretical and practical). The intensity of resources usage and their variety influence learning outcomes. This influence is higher in theoretical skills than in practical, thus recommending using online resources for both types of knowledge and complementing the latter with offline resources.


Keywords: skills assessment; academic performance; blended learning course; knowledge acquisition; knowledge application


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Rozano, M., & Romero, J. (2016). Skill acquisition in blended learning courses: influence on student performance. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 8(1), 30–39.