An evaluation on instructional systems design

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Huseyin Uzunboylu
Emine Kosucu


Instructional design and instructional systems design concepts different from the direction of the field lead to confusion as it includes similar use cases from time to time. Instructional design models have different characteristics, and in different areas, in line with the needs of nature according to the purpose of alternating the use of different models, it affects the efficiency. Each model is developed that fixing the underlying spots is the best way to a need for designs designed which varies depending on the model. Some models of the objectives underlying the selection and use of different models have the highest level while improving strategies constitute a more important structure. With this assessment, the instructional design, instructional systems design, systems approach and instructional system design models, by examining the historical development of these models and their distinctive features, will be explained in connection with curriculum development. Thus, referring to the different points of each model and specific model, with respect to instructional systems design, the difference in instructional design, space and design process is studied.

Keywords: Instructional systems design, instructional design, instructional design models.


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Uzunboylu, H., & Kosucu, E. (2020). An evaluation on instructional systems design. International Journal of Learning and Teaching, 12(1), 30-41.