Evaluation of social studies teaching textbooks

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Burak Demir


In this study it is aimed to examine social studies textbooks of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus 6th and 7th grade students in terms of content analysis. The population of the research model is constituted by social studies textbooks of 6th and 7th Grades of 5 secondary schools that were found appropriate by Republic of Turkey Ministry of National Education Board of Education and the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus Ministry of Education Board of Education. In the research, the books were evaluated on the scale by using the content analysis evaluation scale. The scale consists of three likert. The rating of the scale was calculated as’ Yes ‘option 2 points,’ partially ‘option 1 point and’ no ' option 0 points. The data obtained in the study was evaluated by scoring between 1 and 10. As a result of the study, it was determined that the 7th grade social studies textbook of Republic of Turkey received the highest rate. The lowest rate was observed in the 7th grade,  1st and 2nd Social Studies textbooks, taught in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Keywords: Textbook, Social Studies Teaching, Content Analysis Scale, Education, Learning


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